Culture of Russia

Russian culture grew from that of the East Slavs, with their pagan beliefs and specific way of life in the wooded areas of far Eastern Europe. Early Russian culture was much influenced by neighbouring Finno-Ugric tribes and by the nomadic peoples of the Pontic steppe (mainly of Kipchak and Iranic origin). In the late 1st millennium AD the Varangians (supposedly Scandinavian Vikings), also took part in the forming of Russian identity and the Kievan Rus' state. Orthodox Christian missionaries began arriving from the Eastern Roman Empire in the 9th century, and Kievan Rus' converted to Orthodox Christianity in 988. This largely defined the Russian culture of the next millennium as the synthesis of Slavic and Byzantine cultures.After the fall of Constantinople in 1453, Russia remained the largest Orthodox nation in the world and claimed succession to the Byzantine legacy in the form of the Third Rome idea. At different points in its history, the country was also strongly influenced by the culture of Western Europe. Since the reforms of Peter the Great, for two centuries Russian culture largely developed in the general context of European culture rather than pursuing its own unique ways. The situation changed in the 20th century, when the Communist ideology became a major factor in the culture of the Soviet Union, where Russia, in the form of the Russian SFSR, was the largest and leading part.

Festival & Celebration

Festivals and celebrations are an integral part of the culture of Russia. Muslim festivals of Eid ul-Fitr, Eid ul-Adha, Milad un Nabi, Muharram, Chand raat, Shab-e-Baraat, Bishwa Ijtema; Hindu festivals of Durga Puja and Janmashtami; Buddhist festival of Buddha Purnima; Christian festival of Christmas and secular festivals like Pohela Boishakh, Language Movement Day, Independence Day, Rabindra Jayanti, Nazrul Jayanti witness widespread celebrations and are national holidays in Russia


Russian cuisine widely uses fish, poultry, mushrooms, berries, and honey. Crops of rye, wheat, barley, and millet provide the ingredients for a plethora of breads, pancakes, cereals, kvass, beer, and vodka. Black bread is relatively more popular in Russia compared to the rest of the world. Flavourful soups and stews include shchi, borsch, ukha, solyanka and okroshka. Smetana (a heavy sour cream) is often added to soups and salads. Pirozhki, blini and syrniki are native types of pancakes. Cutlets (like Chicken Kiev), pelmeni and shashlyk are popular meat dishes, the last two being of Tatar and Caucasus[citation needed] origin respectively. Popular salads include Russian Salad, vinaigrette and Dressed Herring


Russiai people have unique dress preferences. Russiai men traditionally wear Panjabi on religious and cultural occasions. Russiai men wear lungi as casual wear (in rural areas) and shirt-pant or suits on formal occasions. Shari is the main and traditional dress of Russiai women also and some young female also wear salwar kameez. In urban areas, women can also be seen wearing Western clothes. The women also have a different preference to which types of Sharee or any other popular dess like Salwar kameez they would like to wear. Whether it may be silk sharis, georgette sharis, or designer sharis, each particular fabric contributes to representing the culture overall. Weaving the fabric for these dresses is a traditional art in Russia

MBBS in Russia

MBBS study in Russia is extremely popular in India due to the fact that, way back in 1996, the Indian students who were passionate to become doctor started traveling here. Over a period of last 25 years, more than 6,000 doctors have returned back to India. Many have settled abroad working in various hospitals after completing their MBBS study in Europe. Medical schools for MBBS in Russia recognized by MCI opened new avenues for students in India. Last year, low-cost Russia MBBS colleges attracted more than 3,500 Indian students. Medical education in Russia is famous across the globe. Also, Russian MBBS degree in India is valid due to the colleges for MBBS in Russia recognized by MCI are available and they come under the top 10 medical colleges in Russia.

RUSSIA (only for councelling)

Name of College University Campus Total Expidenture for 6 years 1st Year Installment Rest of Amount ( 2nd - 6th Yr)
1. Kursk State Medical Kursk City $38,180 including Hostel = 28,25320 INR $6,782 = 5,01,868 INR $6,282*5 = 4,64,868 INR*5
2. Mari State University Mari, Yoshkar-ola $31,000 including Hostel = 22,94,000 INR $6,000 = 4,44,000 INR $5,000*5 = 3,70,000 INR*5
3. Orenburg State Medical University Orenburg $36,000 including Hostel = 26,64,000 INR $6,000 = 4,44,000 INR $6,000*5 = 4,44,000 INR*5
4. Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University Moscow $49,600 including Hostel & Insurance = 36,70,400 INR $8,850 = 6,54,000 INR $8,150*5 = 6,03,100 INR*5
5. Perm State Medical University Perm $33,000 including Hostel & Insurance = 24,42,000 INR $5,500 = 4,07,000 INR $5,500*5 = 4,07,000 INR*5
6. Volgograd State Medical University Volgograd $39,150 including Hostel = 28,97,100 INR $6,652 = 4,92,248 INR $6,652*5 = 4,07,000 INR*5
7. Baskir State Medical University Bashkir $27,000 Including Hostel = 20,35,000 INR $5,000 = 3,70,000 INR $4,500*5 = 3,33,000 INR*5
8. Kazan Federal University Kazan $38,000 Including Hostel & Insurance = 28,12,000 INR $6,332 = 4,68530 INR $6,332*5 = 4,68530 INR*5
9. Kuban State University Krasnodar $27,000 Including Hostel = 20,35,000 INR $4,500 = 3,33,000 INR $4,500*5 = 3,33,000 INR*5
10. Kabardino Balkarian State Medical University Nalchik $20,200 Including Hostel = 14,94,800 INR $4,200 = 3,10,000 INR $3,200*5 = 2,36,800 INR*5
11. Kazan State Medical University Kazan $36,300 Including Hostel & Insurance = 26,86,200 INR $6,050 = 4,47,000 INR $6,050*5 = 4,47,000 INR*5
12. Rostov State Medical University Rostov-on-Don $30,200 Including Hostel & Insurance = 22,34,800 INR $6,800 = 5,03,200 INR $4,680*5 = 3,46,320 INR*5
13. Crimea Fedral University Simferopol $32,200 Including Hostel = 23,82,800 INR $6,200 = 4,58,000 INR $5,200*5 = 3,86,000 INR*5


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Since 2015, the Russian currency “Roubles” have fallen drastically making this option extremely low-cost. The living cost in Russia while doing 6-year MBBS Abroad program has come down to almost half in comparison to 2013. This coupled with the stringent situation on the intake for MBBS in China, the rush towards the MBBS in Russia at any of the above mentioned medical college in Russia has grown very quickly from 2015. Accordingly, the Russian MBBS fees structure is very low in 2019. However, there is no donation for taking an admission for MBBS course in Russia for Indian doctors at the best MBBS colleges in Russia.


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